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150 sunflowers sprout in Burr Oak

BURR OAK – In preparation for the celebration in June of Burr Oak’s 150th anniversary, community members came together to create 150 sunflowers out of old farm implements and other pieces of recycled metal.

The sunflowers were lining Main Street in time for the celebration, and people who returned to Burr Oak for the event had the opportunity to try to find them all.

Volunteers made it all happen. When the enormous stem of the largest sunflower was being painted, those working on it couldn’t quite reach the top.  Without being asked, another person brought a longer ladder and finished it. A group of young people who were heading to the park one evening decided to stop and help paint sunflowers instead.

The project brought together people of all ages in the town of 127. It inspired much creative thinking. An older man grinned as he helped move a sunflower. He told a story of how the old metal it was made of had been used during his childhood.  It amused him that is was now a “sunflower.”

The project encouraged much reminiscing about the city’s past 150 years, many of the stories being shared with a younger generation.