Good news for Patients and Docs

New laparoscopic equipment at the Goodland Medical Center has allowed surgeons there to perform more than one procedure in a day and resulted in 0% infection rate due in part […]

A blast at the Bash

With funding from a large outside vendor, the Dane G. Hansen Foundation, countless local business sponsorships and community support, 1000 concert attendees (5 times the population of Lebanon) enjoyed a […]

Coming Together Through Theater

Families and theater enthusiasts from all over the tri-state region traveled to experience two locally produced theater productions. For two weekends of the summer, the theater festival turned Hoxie into […]

Serving children and families

A grant from the foundation matched other funding to help keep Parents As Teachers in Northwest Kansas. Families that participate in the program are more involved with their children and […]

Slippery Slopes!

A grant from the foundation assisted in the purchase of slides for a community pool in Ellis. The addition of the slides is credited with increasing attendance at the pool […]

Rural Exposure

A grant from the Hansen Foundation provided support for 11 Washburn Law student externs to work with 12 supervising attorneys in Northwest Kansas. One of the students shared this: “This experience […]

Come See Us!

A grant from the foundation helped with production of videos to run on PBS highlighting tourism opportunities in Ellsworth County. Viewers that watched at least a portion of the segments […]