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The Kansas Learning Center for Health is the nation’s second oldest health care museum, with a 7,000-square-foot learning center, including interactive exhibits, classrooms, and Valeda, a transparent anatomical mannequin. Since 1975, KLCH has offered schools supplemental health education courses designed to enhance classroom curriculum by meeting or exceeding the state’s Next Generation Science and Health standards, and including hands-on, interactive activities. Now, KLCH is taking the show on the road in NW Kansas.

Farm to Family (PK-1)

40-50 minutes
In this “Down to Earth” program, students will learn where and how fruits and vegetables grow. With the help of the “Organ Annie” doll, they also discover the benefits of eating healthy for one’s body. Students will plant a seed to take home to watch grow with their family.

Introduction to Body Systems (PK-1)

40-50 minutes
With the help of the “Organ Wise Guys,” students will take an “inside look” at their amazing body. The hands-on activity stresses the importance of healthy eating and exercise.

Dental Health (PK-1)

40-50 minutes
During this fun-filled program students examine the parts of a tooth and learn proper dental hygiene. Healthy nutrition related to dental health will also be discussed. The hands-on activity stresses the importance of brushing daily.

Skeletal System (2-3)

40-50 minutes
Students will meet the skeleton “Charlie Bones” who will help them learn the importance of keeping bones and muscles healthy. Students learn the importance of exercise and how to choose calcium-rich foods. Students build a skeleton during the hands-on activity.

Respiratory System/Introduction to Drug Use Prevention (2-4)

40-50 minutes
Students will discover the consequences of smoking tobacco while exploring the respiratory system and observing preserved pig lungs. To enhance their understanding, students will have a respiratory system activity.

Nutrition (4-5)

40-50 minutes
Students will learn how to apply the MyPlate and the Nutrition Facts label to their everyday eating habits. They also learn the importance of balancing their food intake with their physical activity for a “Winning Combination.”

Drug Prevention (5-8)

1-1½ hours
This session is a straightforward discussion on the consequences of drug use and the effects that lead to tolerance and addiction. This powerful program includes high-impact video clips and interactive activities.

Puberty Education (5-6)

2 hours
Students learn to recognize the body changes that occur during puberty, preparing them for the physical, mental and social challenges of adolescence. Students are educated about the male and female reproductive systems as well as proper hygiene. Schools have the option of dividing the class into male and female groups.

Human Reproduction (6-7)

2 hours
Students discuss their “Road of Life” goals while exploring the different levels of maturation, human reproduction and the birth process. This program encourages students to make abstinence-based decisions. Schools have the option of dividing the class into male and female groups.

Big Decisions – Teen Sexual Health (8-College)

1½-2 hours
This program provides a candid conversation about the physical, mental and social consequences of sexual behaviors. Students learn about the risks of unplanned pregnancy and STIs (sexually transmitted infections) while encouraging abstinence-based decisions and healthy relationships.

Healthy Relationships (7-12)

50 minutes
This program is a straightforward discussion on the development of healthy relationship skills. It includes information about cultural and social norms that can play a part in the perpetuation of violence.

SCHEDULING: For more information or to schedule a program, contact Julie Boese at 316-835-2662 or julie@learningcenter.org.