Being read to daily provides stimulation for increased brain development, which contributes to later academic success and lifetime well-being.

One significant element to early literacy is simply access to books.  Research tells us that when books are present, children are read to more frequently and are more likely to learn to read for enjoyment.

In 2017, the Hansen Foundation launched Northwest Kansas Reads, an initiative to support early reading and provide children with books in their own homes.

The third grant in the NW Kansas CARES for Kids initiative offers up to $1,000 each year for childcare centers and $500 each year for qualifying group homes, for up to 5 years, to purchase high-quality children’s books to create or enhance the center’s library.

All age-appropriate reading is valuable, but some children’s literature is particularly strong. To help with choosing books we have provided a list of suggested titles.

Grant applications are due October 30 and will be awarded in November. The next application deadline is April 25 with grants awarded in May.

These grants are restricted to qualifying centers or group homes. Be sure you meet the criteria before applying.

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