For the Love of Northwest Kansas

The Dane G. Hansen Foundation was established in 1965 with a generous estate gift from Dane G. Hansen.  Mr. Hansen was an entrepreneur whose business interests over the course of his life included, among others, retail, lumber, road and bridge construction and oil.

Reflecting Mr. Hansen’s lifelong love of Northwest Kansas, the charitable foundation that bears his name has a mission to improve the quality of life for the residents and the communities in the 26 counties that make up the northwest quarter of Kansas.

Based in Mr. Hansen’s hometown of Logan, Kansas, the Foundation is governed by a board of seven Trustees.

Applications are received year-round and grants are awarded monthly to benefit Northwest Kansas and its residents.  In addition, the Foundation has launched a number of strategic initiatives to serve the region today and into the future. 

The Foundation also has a robust scholarship program, awarding hundreds of scholarships each year, both new and renewing, totaling more than $2.5 million.  Annual grants and scholarships total in the range of $18 to $20 million.

The Dane G. Hansen Foundation is committed to providing opportunities for the people of Northwest Kansas to enjoy the highest possible quality of life.

Fulfillment of our mission is predicated on three specific goals:

  • Strengthening and supporting our communities
  • Creating an environment for growth
  • Increasing economic opportunities

We will advance our mission by investing in the areas of:

Education: The Foundation recognizes that education promotes self-reliance on personal life skills and the creation of a capable workforce.

Health Care: Access to quality health care services and the promotion of healthy life practices are key components for residents of any community.

Economic Development: Development of a robust and sustainable economy includes a diversity of businesses and quality job opportunities.

Community Social Services & Security: Residents need access to social services for individuals with special needs or those who are in crisis. Communities need support systems to provide community disaster relief and respond to emergencies.

Conservation & Environment: Preservation and an appreciation of our natural environment, including maintaining high air and water quality, are critical with regard to both economic and social future of northwest Kansas.

Arts & Culture: Providing cultural and artistic opportunities enhances the quality of life for local residents and encourages tourism and the exchange of ideas.

Community Beautification: Supporting local efforts to improve and maintain public spaces promotes community pride and encourages socialization among residents.

  • Healthy individuals form healthy communities.
  • A capable workforce can build effective community economic opportunities.
  • Education, both formal and informal, is the key for improved quality of life.
  • Appreciation for our natural world positively impacts human health.
  • Leadership, management and volunteerism are essential ingredients of dynamic communities.
  • Communities that are attractive in appearance and offer cultural opportunities are more likely to attract and retain residents.

The Dane G. Hansen Foundation’s primary service area includes the 26 most Northwest Kansas counties.

Consideration will be given to proposals from organizations outside the primary service area if the proposal provides substantial benefits to the people or communities within the primary service area.