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CNC router excites students to create new projects

BELOIT – Students at Beloit High School jumped at the opportunity to use a new CNC router available in the school wood shop. Since the router was installed in February, many students have designed and produced projects using the machine.

Plaques, signs, engravings, letters and furniture parts made utilizing the machine have generated buzz among students and staff, and people look forward to seeing the projects. The machine is controlled by a computer and can cut and shape wood, plywood, plastics, Styrofoam and aluminum.

At the annual project fair in May, many of the items produced on the machine were displayed. It was also used to make athletic awards handed out at the baseball and softball banquets and to make a new sign for the Port Library.

A foundation grant covered a portion of the cost of purchasing the CNC router, and a local CNC professional assisted in setting up the machine and updating software.