The Dane G. Hansen Foundation takes applications year-round through our online application program.  All applications should assist the Foundation in achieving its mission of service to Northwest Kansas. Grants awarded fall into the following areas of interest:

Education: The Foundation recognizes that education promotes self-reliance on personal life skills and the creation of a capable workforce.

Health Care: Access to quality health care services and the promotion of healthy life practices are key components for residents of any community.

Economic Development: Development of a robust and sustainable economy includes a diversity of businesses and quality job opportunities.

Community Social Services & Security: Residents need access to social services for individuals with special needs or those who are in crisis. Communities need support systems to provide community disaster relief and respond to emergencies.

Conservation & Environment: Preservation and an appreciation of our natural environment, including maintaining high air and water quality, is critical with regard to both economic and social future of northwest Kansas.

Arts & Culture: Providing cultural and artistic opportunities enhances the quality of life for local residents and encourages tourism and the exchange of ideas.

Community Beautification: Supporting local efforts to improve and maintain public spaces promotes community pride and encourages socialization among residents.


In an effort to fulfill our mission, the trustees will award grants with priority given to applications that will best enhance both the current and future quality of life in Northwest Kansas.

Applications for significant grants or major funding projects are reviewed using the following considerations:

  • Is the project or program supported by funding partners or is the request to the Hansen Foundation the sole funder?
  • Does the application reflect leadership, expertise, collaboration or partnerships to support successful completion of the project or program?
  • Does the program or project benefit multiple counties or communities?
  • Is the application for a program or project that appears to be sustainable or provide long-term benefit?
  • Is the project or proposal focused on job creation or work force preparedness?
  • Will the project or program have a “ripple effect?” i.e., will it enhance or encourage additional community benefit or economic development?
  • Has the program or project previously received a Hansen grant? (Receipt of a grant to a particular project or program in no way indicates that additional funds will be granted for the same project.)