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The Hansen Foundation began supporting countywide community foundations with direct assistance in 2014. Through grant funding, matching gifts and help with countywide planning using Strategic Doing, the Hansen Foundation has played a significant role in the growth, and in several counties, the establishment of community foundations in every one of the 26 counties of Northwest Kansas.The Hansen Foundation recognizes that having dedicated professional staff can help these community foundations grow faster and better as they serve their communities. With that in mind, the Hansen Foundation is offering an opportunity for countywide community foundations in its service area to receive assistance to hire or expand staff.

This is a short-term initiative that is available from April 2021 through September 2025 to provide payroll assistance to community foundations to add or expand staff.

Participation is limited to countywide community foundations in the Hansen Foundation’s 26-county service area. Participation is optional.

This funding assistance is available for a limited time. It begins in April 2021 and sunsets in September 2025.

A community foundation can request a maximum of $10,000 per year. Funds are for payroll purposes only, not for other administrative expenses.

In order to qualify for the funding, the community foundation must be actively participating in Hansen Foundation initiatives, including the pass-through grants, the matching initiative, the planned giving initiative and Strategic Doing.

In addition, the community foundation board must agree to follow best practices for nonprofit foundation boards through policy and practice with its host foundation. The board will agree to participate in a review process with a Hansen-provided consultant to meet this requirement.

The local board is expected to provide the primary oversite for the staff.

The grant can be used to support newly hired staff or to expand existing staff. It is not intended simply to increase the salaries of existing staff, but rather to increase the administrative capacity for the community foundation.

Staff can work exclusively for the community foundation or can be shared with another foundation or organization with a similar mission to grow the county and serve the communities.

There are additional requirements for hours worked and education/training.

Staff supported by this grant must:

  • Work for the community foundation a minimum of 10 hours/week (on average)
  • Receive training and orientation through KACF – either by attending the CF Fundamentals course offered at the annual conference or/and using the CF Express Training Series
  • Attend orientation/training offered through the community foundation’s host foundation
  • Attend the Dane G. Hansen Foundation orientation to Hansen Foundation initiatives (New)
  • Attend the annual KACF conference
  • Attend the annual Hansen Foundation Community Forum

Read all of the criteria before applying.

If you are planning to share staff with another qualified community foundation, BOTH foundations should submit an application. Much of the information will be the same, such as job description, etc, but other information such as goals may differ between the two organizations. Each qualified community foundation could  ask for the maximum $10,000 grant.

Download the required budget page here: Budget

Applications are due March 25 for April distribution or August 25 for September distribution.

The button below will take you to the grant application page. Select Community Foundation Staffing Assistance Grant. This is an invitation only application requiring a password to access.