NW Kansas Arts grants are designed to bring more arts events, such as concerts, visual art shows or theater performances, to Northwest Kansas by assisting with the artist fee/contract. Applicants are required to secure funding for expenses beyond the artist contract, such as facility rental, food, marketing, etc.

A single application is available for the NW Kansas Arts Events Grant. It includes events in partnership with the Mid-America Arts Alliance or events featuring Kansas-based artists.

Although applications are accepted at any time and follow the Foundation’s regular monthly grant schedule, they should be submitted 6 or more weeks prior to the event. This ensures the application is reviewed before the event occurs.

Mid-America Arts Alliance Regional Touring Program

The Foundation is partnering with the Mid-America Arts Alliance (M-AAA) Regional Touring Program (RTP). This program provides support for presenting organizations to showcase the work of artists from outside their home states.

  • Presenters that book an artist listed on a state touring roster may be awarded up to 50 percent of the artist’s fee*.
  • Presenters that book an artist that lives in the M-AAA 6-state region, but is not listed on a touring roster, may be awarded up to 25 percent of the artist’s fee.
  • Presenters located in rural communities may receive an additional 10 percent of the artist’s fee.
  • Touring artists must come from outside the presenter’s state (Kansas) but within M-AAA’s service region (Arkansas, Missouri, Nebraska, Oklahoma, and Texas).
  • Organizations must be not-for-profit or a governmental or tribal entity.

*Artist contract may include fee, travel and lodging expenses and per diem.

Presenters may book artists in any discipline (music, theatre, literature, visual arts, etc.) and grants require an outreach arts activity, such as a class or workshop.

Applications are accepted on a rolling deadline at any point during M-AAA’s fiscal year, which is July 1–June 30. Grants are distributed on a first-come, first-served basis, until the allocation for each state is gone. New allocations begin each year on July 1.

Full grant criteria and guidelines are available at maaa.org.

Grants for Kansas-Based Artists

The Dane G. Hansen Foundation will accept applications for programs or events featuring Kansas-based artists in any discipline (music, theatre, literature, visual arts, etc.). Applications can request up to 50% of the artist fee. Grants require a performance or show, and an outreach arts activity, such as a class or workshop in NW Kansas.

Following the event, grant recipients will be required to complete a grant report to the Hansen Foundation.

Why the Hansen Foundation is Offering This

The Foundation has been working with communities in Northwest Kansas to identify programs, projects and initiatives that provide opportunities and improve the quality of life. The process, Strategic Doing, is being conducted in each of the 26 counties we serve. Through Strategic Doing, the Hansen Foundation has identified issues that have been self-identified in multiple counties. One such issue is a desire for increased arts and cultural opportunities.

The partnership with Mid-America Art Alliance provides our NW Kansas communities a unique opportunity to bring in out of state artists that may not have been affordable without this support. M-AAA has an established program for this work and the Hansen Foundation is pleased to offer our communities access to it. The Foundation is particularly pleased that the grants include outreach activities which further enrich the arts in our communities.

Because the M-AAA program requires presenting organizations to utilize out of state artists, the Trustees of the Hansen Foundation decided to extend the Events Grants to also allow support to communities that wanted to bring in Kansas-based artists.