Early Childhood Education Montessori Kit Grants

A quality childcare center should be more than a place where children are safe and fed. Science is clear about the critical importance of a child’s first three years of brain development. The early years are the platform from which all learning starts. Yet curriculum and materials for quality early childhood learning are often difficult to find and the cost is beyond reach for most centers.

After researching options and piloting the Montessori education curriculum in a rural child care center, the Dane G. Hansen Foundation is pleased to offer a grant to cover the cost of this comprehensive curriculum, which includes training videos and instructions for the teachers as well as time-tested, high-quality learning tools and manipulatives designed to last for many years.

The grant application includes a worksheet to calculate how much is available for purchase of Montessori materials, based on the licensed capacity of the center or qualifying group home.

It is suggested, although not mandatory, that you order your materials from one of the following websites that offer these packages: www.montessori.comwww.leaderjoyusa.com and www.adenamontessori.com.

Each of these websites have slightly different packages, and allow you to substitute items within a package. You may also want to combine a package from one website with other separate items from another website in order to customize the best kit for your center. For example, the Adena Montessori.com website has a particularly good selection of items for infants to age 3.

You will be required to upload the order forms as a part of the grant application. Please note a copy of the shopping cart will comply with this requirement. You do not need to pre-pay for the items.

Grant applications are due October 25 (awarded in November) and April 25 (awarded in May).

These grants are restricted to qualifying centers or group homes. Be sure you meet the criteria before applying.