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NW Kansas Serves – Community Foundation Grants


The Dane G. Hansen Foundation works with regional foundations Greater Northwest Kansas Community Foundation (GNWKCF), Bird City, and the Greater Salina Community Foundation (GSCF), Salina, to assist in the distribution of grants through individual countywide community foundations throughout the Hansen Foundation’s 26-county service area.

Funds supplied by the Hansen Foundation are distributed equally among the 26 counties.  Administration assistance is provided by the host foundations.

From 2014 through 2021, the Hansen Foundation distributed $100,000 a year to each of the 26 counties.  Beginning in 2022, the pass-through grant funds reduced to $50,000 each year in conjunction with the announcement of new funding opportunities for the countywide community foundations through the matching initiative.serve

The semi-annual grants are promised through September of 2025.

By the end of the promised time frame, the Hansen Foundation will have contributed $21 million to this re-granting initiative.

Just as they do with every grant made from the Dane G. Hansen Foundation, the Trustees will continually evaluate, and at the appropriate time, determine when and if funding will continue.

No. The Dane G. Hansen Foundation still accepts applications directly.

No. The criteria for the community foundation grants, though similar does not carry over to direct applications from the Hansen Foundation. This includes minimum or maximum requests.

If your request is for significant dollars, (more than $10,000), covers multiple counties within the service area, is a multi-year request, or if it is a project that was previously funded directly by the Hansen Foundation, consider applying directly. For smaller, community-oriented projects or programs, particularly those that include or promote volunteer involvement, consider applying through the appropriate community foundation.

The Dane G. Hansen Foundation has determined the criteria for grants distributed through the community foundations. The criteria are the same for all of the community foundation grants, but differ some from the criteria for the regular Hansen grants. Applications for the community foundation grants should address:

  • Education: Enhances the learning environment and expands opportunities for students in Northwest Kansas. Provides increased self-reliance on personal life skills and workforce capability.
  • Health Care: Ensure access to quality health care services and promotes healthy life practices.
  • Community Social Services & Security: Enhance access to social services needed for individuals of special needs and supports systems to provide community disaster relief and general community emergencies.
  • Conservation & Environment: Support efforts to improve and maintain high air and water quality, appreciation for our natural environment and enhance economic and social benefits of outdoor resources.
  • Arts & Culture: Provide cultural and artistic opportunities to enhance the quality of life for local residents and to encourage tourism and the exchange of ideas.
  • Community Beautification: Support efforts to improve and maintain public spaces to enhance community pride and encourage socialization among residents

Preference will be given to applications that originated through the Strategic Doing process, and those that include community involvement and volunteerism.

Grants shall not be used to reduce or replace regular budgetary needs for programs or projects that are tax-supported.

Grants are not intended for endowment or general operating expenses.

Check individual requirements of the community foundations to determine if grant applicants are required be a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, educational, governmental or religious Institution. All grants must be for charitable purposes/broad community benefit.

Yes. Funds in each county are generally limited to programs that serve that county. For organizations working in multiple counties, it is recommended that multiple applications be submitted, or, if the program is large enough, consider a direct application to the Hansen Foundation.

Receiving a grant from one of the community foundations does not prohibit the applicant from also applying directly to the Hansen Foundation for a different program or project.

Greater Northwest Kansas Community Foundation hosts the following counties:

  • Cheyenne
  • Decatur
  • Gove
  • Graham
  • Logan
  • Norton
  • Phillips
  • Rawlins
  • Russell
  • Sheridan
  • Sherman
  • Thomas
  • Wallace

Greater Salina Community Foundation hosts the following counties:

  • Cloud
  • Ellis
  • Ellsworth
  • Jewell
  • Lincoln
  • Mitchell
  • Osborne
  • Ottawa
  • Republic
  • Rooks
  • Saline
  • Smith
  • Trego

Each county has a grant review committee that works with its host community foundation to determine grant recipients for that county. In counties that have a community foundation, GNWKCF and GSCF work with that local foundation. In counties without a community foundation, committees have been formed.

For more information and applications for the community foundation grants, visit the following websites:

Greater Salina Community Foundation
Greater Northwest Kansas Community Foundation

Individual counties may have a unique schedule for when applications are due. Check the websites for GNWKCF and GSCF for additional information.

Just as they do with every grant made from the Dane G. Hansen Foundation, the Trustees will continually evaluate the partnership and determine when and if funding will continue.