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Hoxie school equips new facility to offer child care

HOXIE – The school board gave its full support to the establishment of a child care facility in May 2022, and by October of that year the doors of the new facility were opened.

In less than six months, the school district had successfully acquired, installed, set-up, and fully equipped a modular home provided by the Hansen Foundation and gotten it fully licensed and fully operational as a year-round group home child care facility.

The facility currently employs one full-time provider and one part-time worker, and it is running at full capacity accommodating children and grandchildren of school staff members. If the facility had not become available, two teachers would not have been able to continue teaching.

The facility is housed in a modular home constructed by McDonald Enterprises, of Logan, on behalf of the Hansen Foundation. The house was one of four the foundation had constructed and offered for child care usage in the 26 counties served by the foundation.