Dane G. Hansen grew up in a family that valued education, hard work and life experiences.

Dane’s mother, Alpha and sister, Kate were both teachers. Kate taught music for many years in Japan. All of the four Hansen children attended university.

Dane’s father, Peter Hansen, immigrated from Denmark, and eventually established multiple businesses in and around Logan. He was an accomplished entrepreneur and understood the value of working hard and learning from doing.

During an era where travel occurred by covered wagon, Peter Hansen once packed up his extended family and took them on a vacation to Denver and the mountains. Later, he took his family to his home country, Denmark, where they stayed for a year. There the children learned different languages and studied in Danish and German schools. He wanted to expose his children to many life experiences.

Today, the Hansen Trustees recognize that offering students the opportunity to spend a summer working with and beside the good people in Northwest Kansas embodies all that the Hansen family cherished.

Internships provide excellent education and real-life experience for both the students and the community members they work with.