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New Hays hospital offers mental health treatment for children

HAYS – A child-friendly, safe, state-of-the-art environment is available close to home for Northwest Kansas children in need of help at a 32-bed psychiatric hospital and residential treatment center that opened in January in Hays.

The $8.5 million 27,028-square-foot Camber Hays facility at 3000 New Way Blvd. was planned to begin receiving pediatric acute inpatient psychiatric admissions within a week of its grand opening event in early January. Camber, formerly KVC Hospitals, anticipated 484 acute admissions in its first eight months and 80 residential treatment clients in its first fiscal year.

KVC Hospitals has served as the leading pediatric psychiatric treatment center for children experiencing severe behavioral/mental health crises in Northwest Kansas and for 10 years provided both acute, inpatient care and psychiatric residential treatment for youth referred by health providers, community mental health centers or the child’s family.

A ‘no eject, no reject’ psychiatric hospital, KVC, now Camber, rapidly stabilizes youth and helps them build resiliency and executive skills to improve their likelihood of safely and effectively being treated in their homes and community. In 2018, KVC’s acute care was discontinued when the hospital’s previous facility was determined to be inadequate for providing both types of care under new licensing requirements. KVC began exploring options for a new facility at that point.

Armed with the latest neuroscience, Camber will help thousands of children build healthy brains and resilience each year. Children and youth struggling with suicidality, depression, feelings of violence, anxiety and abuse will have renewed access to both acute inpatient care and residential treatment.

A Hansen Foundation grant helped purchase equipment and furnishings for the new facility.