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Northwest Kansas Students Win Hansen Scholarships

The Dane G. Hansen Foundation of Logan, Kansas has named high school seniors from 59 Northwest Kansas schools as winners in its 43rd annual scholarship competition. In addition, scholarships have been awarded to Kansas Community or Technical College Transfer students who are planning to continue their education at a Kansas four-year college or university.

In selecting award winners, the Scholarship Committee considered proficiency in verbal and writing skills. Other important factors are academic records, test scores, and community service in which the student may have participated.

Ten students have won Hansen Leader of Tomorrow scholarships. These awards are for $10,000 and may be renewable for three additional years. Renewal of scholarships is based upon continued regard for the principles, which guided the success of the late Dane G. Hansen, a 3.00 or better GPA at the college level and a letter describing progress towards educational goals. This year’s winners are:

Brendan Chapman, Hays H.S.                  Lacey Gregory, Hays H.S.
Mark Schuckman, Hays H.S.                    Bergen Mauerhan, Rock Hills H.S.
Mezvah Nobi, Rock Hills H.S.                  Carlean Sanders, Minneapolis H.S.
Jerad Werner, Plainville H.S./KAMS     Tierney Kester, Stockton H.S.
Trey Kuhlman, Stockton H.S. Brooks     Nichols, Russell H.S.

Fifty Hansen Scholar winners were selected. The stipend of $6,500 was granted for one year and may be renewable for three additional years. Renewal of scholarships is based upon continued regard for the principles, which guided the success of the late Dane G. Hansen, a 3.00 or better GPA at the college level and a letter describing progress towards educational goals. This year’s winners are:

Jordan Janicke, Cheylin H.S.                   Bradley Koch, Clifton-Clyde H.S.
Cydney Bergmann, Concordia H.S.        Ezekial Jimenez, Decatur Comm. H.S.
Abby Burton, Ellis H.S.                             Emily Cranwell, Ellis H.S.
Samantha Crawford, Ellis H.S.                Trinity Callis, Hays H.S.
Alliana Drees, Hays H.S.                           Autumn Hohmann, Hays H.S.
Madison Karlin, Hays H.S.                       Dawson Rooney, Hays H.S.
Kaitlyn Schaben, Hays H.S.                      Ethan Tschanz, Hays H.S.
Eleanor Lang, TMP-Marian H.S.             Anna Speno, TMP-Marian H.S.
Jaxson Windholz, Ellsworth H.S.            Rebekah Kitch, Quinter H.S.
Kinsey Griffith, Hill City H.S.                   Emma Reinert, Rock Hills H.S.
Jeddrek Rowden, Sylvan-Lucas H.S.      Adam Bates, St. John’s H.S.
Callie Uehlin, Norton Comm. H.S.          Katie Dreiling, Bennington H.S.
Meghan Stanley, Bennington H.S.          Kirk Coomes, Phillipsburg H.S.
Kathleen Still, Phillipsburg H.S.              Cole Strickler, Pike Valley H.S.
Lasondra Aurand, Republic Co. H.S.      Carl Brunner, Republic Co. H.S.
Kayla Garvert, Plainville H.S.                   Lyndsi Weems, Ell-Saline H.S.
John Le, Sacred Heart H.S.                       Karley Benson, Salina Central H.S.
Claire Cook, Salina Central H.S.              Cade Goertzen, Salina Central H.S.
Annie Hayes, Salina Central H.S.            Graham Mathews, Salina Central H.S.
Reece Mathews, Salina Central H.S.       Wesley Elliott, Salina South H.S.
Natalie Froetschner, Salina South H.S.  Paige Musselwhite, Salina South H.S.
Kaiden O’Dell, Salina South H.S.             Ethan Truong, Salina South H.S.
Regan Weatherd, Salina South H.S.       Tyler Blochlinger, SE of Saline H.S.
Chelsea Phillips, Goodland H.S.              Bailey Britton, Colby H.S.
Alexandra Finley, Colby H.S.                   Janae Huxman, Trego Comm. H.S.

The following were awarded the Hansen Student scholarship. These awards are for $4,000 and may be renewed for one additional year provided the student has maintained a satisfactory academic record. This year’s winners are:

Gavin Cyr, Clifton-Clyde H.S.                  Lori Leiszler, Clifton-Clyde H.S.
Rope Dorman, Concordia H.S.               Gwendolyn Stiles, Concordia H.S.
Nicole Timee, Concordia H.S.                 Jessica Williams, Concordia H.S.
Lake Winter, Concordia H.S.                   Kel Grafel, Decatur Comm. H.S.
Joseph Eck, Ellis H.S.                               Natalie Schoenberger, Ellis H.S.
Dawson Sproul, Ellis H.S.                        Shelby Werth, Ellis H.S.
Abigail Balman, Hays H.S.                       Analyse Claude, Hays H.S.
Mikayla Koerner, Hays H.S.                    Drew Morley, Hays H.S.
Sara Rohleder, Hays H.S.                         Kayla Satomi, Hays H.S.
Taryn Stauth, Hays H.S.                           Kyler Voss, Hays H.S.
Zachary Wagner, Hays H.S.                     Katherine Weisenborn, Hays H.S./KAMS
Ryan Will, Hays H.S.                                 Sarah Wyse, Hays H.S.
Eric Rorstrom, Sol Flos Academy           Michael Braun, TMP-Marian H.S.
Anna Gottschalk, TMP-Marian H.S.      Michael Lager, TMP-Marian H.S.
Trae Megaffin, TMP-Marian H.S.           Karl Rack, TMP-Marian H.S.
Ethan Rohr, TMP-Marian H.S.               Brianna Romme, TMP-Marian H.S.
Ciara Seib, TMP-Marian H.S.                  Kathryn Walters, TMP-Marian H.S.
Jasmine Zerr, TMP-Marian H.S.            Wyatt Engel, Victoria H.S.
Lukas Sebesta, Ellsworth H.S.                 Julien Illo, Wheatland H.S.
Carrie Kennedy, Hill City H.S.                Colin Obermueller, Lincoln H.S.
Amanda Wollesen, Lincoln H.S.             Rudolph Haberer, Sylvan-Lucas Unified H.S.
Jace Engel, Oakley H.S.                            Kourtney Rumback, Oakley H.S.
Maia Carter, Triplains H.S.                      Blaine Burks, Beloit H.S.
Belle Finney, Beloit H.S.                           Chancelor Sweat, Beloit H.S.
Seth Otter, Norton H.S.                             Roxton Brown, Osborne H.S.
Shara Shepard, Bennington H.S.             Alexis Watson, Bennington H.S.
Trent Brubaker, Minneapolis H.S.          Lauren Gragg, Minneapolis H.S.
Zoey Rankin, Minneapolis H.S.               Taton Smith, Minneapolis H.S.
Quinton Conrad, Phillipsburg H.S.         Braden Juenemann, Phillipsburg H.S.
Jacey Kellerman, Phillipsburg H.S.        Jack Pakkebier, Phillipsburg, H.S.
Eliza Kastens, Rawlins Co. H.S.               Davante´ Hammer, Pike Valley H.S.
Ben Jensen, Pike Valley H.S.                    Amanda Baxa, Republic Co. H.S.
Madalyn Billinger, Stockton H.S.            Nathan Bitter, Russell H.S.
Katherine Krauss, Russell H.S.                Cooper Swanson, Russell H.S.
Morgan Linenberger, Ell-Saline H.S.      Jordan Werner, Ell-Saline H.S.
Colton White, Ell-Saline H.S.                   Payton Bergkamp, Sacred Heart H.S.
Lindsey Gack, Sacred Heart H.S.             Catherine Marak, Sacred Heart H.S.
Quentin Shaw, Sacred Heart H.S.            Jillian Coykendall, Salina Central H.S.
Nolan Foth, Salina Central H.S.               William Hayes, Salina Central H.S.
Samuel Lenkiewicz, Salina Central H.S. Carson Michaelis, Salina Central H.S.
Garrett Newton, Salina Central H.S.        Brayden Pavey, Salina Central H.S.
Joshua Rubino, Salina Central H.S.         Evan Elam, Salina South H.S.
Gillian Falcon, Salina South H.S.              Haylee Householter, Salina South H.S.
Ashley Humphrey, Salina South H.S.      Mickaila Peery, Salina South H.S.
Madison Price, Salina South H.S.             Jordan Steele, Salina South H.S.
Alissa Zajac, Salina South H.S.                 Jaime Zajac, Salina South H.S.
Shaylin Ptacek, SE of Saline H.S.             Sara Amend, Goodland H.S.
Renae Hageman, Goodland H.S.             Wence Hendrich, Goodland H.S.
Parker Nemechek, Goodland H.S.           Kaitlyn Townsend, Goodland H.S.
Kacie Timmons, Smith Center H.S.        Morgan Westbrook, Thunder Ridge H.S.
Mitchell Topel, Smith Center H.S.          Alexyss Kraft, Colby H.S.
Sandy Kroeker, Colby H.S.                       Bryce Niermeier, Colby H.S.
Devin Carter, Golden Plains H.S.            Bernard Giefer, Trego Comm. H.S.
Aleah Howard, Trego Comm. H.S.          Madison Schoenthaler, Trego Comm. H.S.

The following are scholarships awarded to students interested in a Career and Technical Education. These awards are for $4,000 and may be renewed for one additional year provided the student has maintained a satisfactory academic record. Winners of Career and Technical Education scholarships are:

Alexandra Hazuka, Cheylin H.S.              Martin Beikman, St. Francis H.S.
Jylian Laten, St. Francis H.S.                   Mallery Mills, St. Francis H.S.
Austin Biery, Clifton-Clyde H.S.              Kelli Lange, Clifton-Clyde H.S.
Brent Beaumont, Concordia H.S.            Austin Higbee, Concordia H.S.
Trevor McDaniel, Concordia H.S.           Kellie Sowers, Decatur Comm. H.S.
Kelsey Brack, Ellis H.S.                             Taylor Honas, Ellis H.S.
Bryce Younger, Ellis H.S.                          Brendon Zweifel, Ellis H.S.
Keaton Augustine, Hays H.S.                   Marissa Befort, Hays H.S.
Savannah Bieker, Hays H.S.                     Ashley Boland, Hays H.S.
Emma Humphrey, Hays H.S.                  Jared Kisner, Hays H.S.
Kelsi Page, Hays H.S.                                Taya Randle, Hays H.S.
Jennifer Vallego, Hays H.S.                     Mason Weber, Hays H.S.
Jesse Weilert, Hays H.S.                           Tracee Weilert, Hays H.S.
Laura Casey, TMP-Marian H.S.              Shianne Smith, Learning Center of Ellis Co.
Marlena Guzman, TMP-Marian H.S.     Brayden Mader, TMP-Marian H.S.
Avery Normandin, TMP-Marian H.S.    Branden Kerr, Ellsworth H.S.
Dominick Kratzer, Ellsworth H.S.          Tori Lamb, Ellsworth H.S.
Shelbey Talbott, Ellsworth H                   Kylie Crist, Quinter H.S.
Taylor Zamrzla, Ellsworth H.S.               Mikayla Bailey, Quinter H.S.
Wyatt Mong, Wheatland H.S.                  Lillie Lewis, Hill City H.S.
Aiyana Albrecht, Hill City H.S.                Ethan Hamel, Hill City H.S.
Garrett Handley, Hill City H.S.               Conner Keith, Hill City H.S.
Kade Peterson, Hill City H.S.                   Shaylin Russell, Hill City H.S.
Shaelynn VanLoenen, Hill City H.S.       Austin Eilert, Rock Hills H.S.
Kaylee Hadle, Rock Hills H.S.                  Glenn Marihugh, Rock Hills H.S.
Sydny Ryba, Rock Hills H.S.                     Alora Vandaveer, Rock Hills H.S.
Hanna Wanklyn, Rock Hills H.S.            Emilee Whelchel, Rock Hills H.S.
Kathryn Detmer, Lincoln H.S.                 Brianna-Marie Wilson, Lincoln H.S.
Darren Ammon, Sylvan-Lucas H.S.        Morgan Kubick, Sylvan-Lucas H.S.
Cheyenne Meyer, Sylvan-Lucas H.S.      Taryn Stramel, Triplains H.S.
Dylan Streit, Sylvan-Lucas H.S.               Autumn Mays, Triplains H.S.
Verlin Plummer, Triplains H.S.               Robert Stephens, Oakley H.S.
McKellen Rains, Oakley H.S.                   Mackenzie Ritter, Oakley H.S.
Diedrick Bolte, Beloit H.S.                        Devin Princ, Beloit H.S.
Ashton Allen, Tipton H.S.                         Ty Brummer, Tipton H.S.
Briely Yocum, Northern Valley H.S.       Kailey Hammond, Northern Valley H.S.
Trenton Brummer, Osborne H.S.            Denton Schurr, Osborne H.S.
Lori Stanton, Osborne H.S.                       Karis Hilbert, Bennington H.S.
Jonathan Martin, Bennington H.S.         Morgan Weis, Minneapolis H.S.
Bessie Gaines, Logan H.S.                         Miranda Shellito, Logan H.S.
John Gower, Phillipsburg H.S.                 Makhaila Minkler, Phillipsburg H.S.
Kayla Philby, Phillipsburg H.S.                Lydia Britt, Rawlins Co. H.S.
Laurel Fischer, Republic Co. H.S.            Abbi Johnson, Republic Co. H.S.
Karlie Strutt, Republic Co. H.S.               Brandon Shrader, Shrader River Valley Academy
Blake Crawford, Plainville H.S.               Jaron Rathbun, Plainville H.S.
Catherine Lowry, Stockton H.S.             Elizabeth Lowry, Stockton H.S.
Madison Cotterill, Russell H.S.               Josh Brandt, Ell-Saline H.S.
Breanna Chaput, Ell-Saline H.S.            Zaide Korb, Ell-Saline H.S.
Nathan Parks, Ell-Saline H.S.                 Cade Cochran, Sacred Heart H.S.
Marla Aguilar, Salina Central H.S.         Elijah Deckert, Salina Central H.S.
Dante LeSage, Salina Central H.S.         Brooklynne Herwig, Salina Central H.S.
Jaqueline Roman, Salina Central H.S.  McKayla Berg, SE of Saline H.S.
Zeb Turner, SE of Saline H.S.                  David Gross, St. John’s Military Acad.
Landon Heim, Hoxie H.S.                         Kayleigh McCombs, Goodland H.S.
Blaine Sederstrom, Goodland H.S.         Deborah Natanya Ordonez, Goodland H.S.
Emily Smith, Goodland H.S.                    Gavin Wagner, Smith Center H.S.
Seth Loyd, Thunder Ridge H.S.               Elke Kernal, Brewster H.S.
Kirsten Stude, Brewster H.S.                    Lynnsey Elling, Colby H.S.
Austin Hamel, Colby H.S.                         Sean Rall, Colby H.S.
Clayton Bange, Golden Plains H.S.         Jennifer Esparza, Golden Plains H.S
Kaylin Schaben, Golden Plains H.S.       Brendan Flax, Trego Comm. H.S.
Hunter Folsom, Trego Comm. H.S.        Katie Ward, Trego Comm. H.S.
Evin Bergquist, Wallace Co. H.S.            Jordan Chaney, Wallace Co. H.S.
Erica Farias, Wallace Co. H.S.                 Carli Haislip, Wallace Co. H.S.
Carlin Springsteel, Wallace Co. H.S.      Doniley Sexson, Weskan H.S.

Twenty Community or Technical College Transfer scholarships were made available to Kansas Community or Technical College students of the current school year who plan to continue their education at a four-year Kansas college or university. These awards are for $4000 and may be renewed for one year upon completion of satisfactory work as evaluated by the Scholarship Committee. This year we had twenty qualified applicants. The winners are:

Elizabeth Keltz, Cheylin H.S.                     Rayden Resco, Clifton-Clyde H.S.
Alexandrea Julian, Ellsworth H.S.           Allison Kirkendall, Lincoln H.S.
Kirsten Joy, Beloit H.S.                              Brooke Baird, Northern Valley H.S.
Skylar Johnson, Norton H.S.                    Christen Greving, Logan H.S.
Wade Kennedy, Phillipsburg H.S.            Mason Runft, Pike Valley H.S.
Yadira Nunez, Ell-Saline H.S.                   Jacob Foster, Salina South H.S.
Galen Allen, Smith Center H.S.                Dalton Oliver, Smith Center H.S.
Morgan Voss, Colby H.S.                           Kynndra Rush, Golden Plains H.S.
Kade Wessel, Golden Plains H.S.             Koi Wessel, Golden Plains H.S.
Cole Gillman-Goss, Trego Comm. H.S.  Caleb Morris, Heartland Christian Academy