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Norton County program aims to improve housing

NORTON – A five-year plan offering eight incentive programs designed to increase home ownership and improve the housing stock in Norton County was launched in June and has already provided down-payment assistance to home buyers, encouraged rehabilitation of a home and painting of several homes.

Two of five approved down-payment assistance applications were for new professionals moving to Norton, as well as one home rehab rebate, so the program has already been beneficial to workforce recruitment. One couple was in the process of applying for a grant for senior relocation, planning to sell their home and move to a rental property in Norton. Eight paint-the-town incentives had been utilized in Norton and Lenora, and a contractor had expressed interest in applying for assistance to fix and flip a home and build on a cleared lot.

A portion of the funding for the program came from grant funds.

Construction of new housing units to support workforce recruiting opportunities is considered the next step.