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Norton students taking care of business

NORTON – More than 80 Norton high school and junior high students presented businesses ranging from baking to automotive detailing in the Norton County Youth Entrepreneurship Challenge.

High school participation increased by 342% over the 2021 event, which is helping to create an entrepreneurial spirit in the town. Students are selling products at craft fairs, Christmas events, and to their peers in school. Additionally, these businesses fill supply in areas of demand. Some generate a good amount of profit.

Fourteen community judges volunteered their entire day to participate in this event, as well as five high school faculty.

A unique success story came from Angel Rios, a new student who moved to Norton from Mexico. Angel presented on his business idea for Rancho Rios, a chemical-free cattle fattening business. Angel created a complex business plan asking for a $250,000 startup loan. His business idea promised adding weight to cattle without the use of clenbuterol or other chemical additives.

Angel was able to present to the judges in Spanish and have an English translator. Angel obtained one of the highest scores in both the tradeshow and formal presentation. Ultimately, he finished in 10th place out of 31 competitors.