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Phillipsburg Child Care Center opens

PHILLIPSBURG – The Phillipsburg Child Care Center opened this week to bring quality, affordable childcare to infants and children of families that live and work in the area.

Before the facility opened, 24 children were enrolled, more than 40 percent of the facility’s capacity. Phillips County Health Systems and the Phillipsburg Retirement Center have committed to subsidizing the cost of daycare for staff members.

Volunteers played a pivotal role in remodeling a vacant commercial building into the childcare center. Interior demolition, painting, decorating, construction of play areas and other tasks were conducted by Phillipsburg Rotary Club members, high school students and other individuals from the community.

Construction costs were funded by grants from the Dane G. Hansen Foundation and other foundations, as well as community contributions.

Construction plans included elements that will reduce necessary staffing, including a bathroom that is accessible from the outdoor play area and classroom units that are fully visible from any location.

A Kansas Department of Health and Environment representative described the Phillipsburg project as a “benchmark standard for community daycare development across the state.” Staff at the facility have been contacted by more than 20 other communities from across the state looking for ideas and advice as they start similar projects.