When Dane G. Hansen died on his 82nd birthday in 1965, he left the bulk of his fortune to a charitable foundation. Among his many charitable interests during a long and active lifetime were young people and education. Recognizing his concern for people, the Trustees of the Hansen Foundation authorized a “Hansen Scholarship Program” which annually offers scholarships to be used for students from the 26-county area.

Certainly, the improvement of educational opportunities for students in the area he loved, ranks high among the objectives of the Trustees of the Hansen Foundation. It is the purpose of the Scholarship Committee, appointed by the Foundation Trustees, to make selection of winners without discrimination of any form. The Trustees of the Dane G. Hansen Foundation hope that good citizenship and good scholarship will be encouraged and that the attributes of the late Dane G. Hansen will provide guidance for outstanding careers of service to its honorees. 

To carry out the program, a Scholarship Committee comprised of four members determine the scholarship recipients. All have superior backgrounds in civic and public service and are well qualified to judge the future potential of applicants for scholarships. 

The Dane G. Hansen Foundation awards over 200 new scholarships every year.

Since inception, the Foundation has awarded over $35 million in scholarships to more than 7,000 students from Northwest Kansas.

Scholarships cover a variety of student needs, including high school seniors heading to traditional four-year universities, community colleges or technical schools.