$10,000 Annually Renewable For 3 Additional Years

  • Seven “Hansen Leaders of Tomorrow” Scholarships may be awarded.
  • Each “Hansen Leaders of Tomorrow” Scholarship carries a stipend of $10,000 the first year, and is renewable for three additional years if criteria established by the Scholarship Committee are met.
  • Applicants shall be considered carefully for moral and leadership qualities as shown through participation in school, community, church, Scout, and other activities with special emphasis on diligence toward chosen tasks. They must be proficient in written and verbal skills. Final selection will be made by the Scholarship Committee.

Applicants shall be high school seniors graduating in the current academic year and pursuing the Board of Regents recommended curriculum with a record of services and extra-curricular activities. Recipients must attend an accredited, four-year public, private or church related Kansas college or university and must be enrolled as full-time, on campus students. College transcripts of recipients shall be evaluated annually, and renewal of scholarships will be based upon continued regard for the principles which guided the success of the late Dane G. Hansen, a 3.00 or better GPA at the college level and a progress update describing progress toward their educational goals. 

Dane G. Hansen Scholarships are available to students in the following Northwest Kansas counties: Cheyenne, Cloud, Decatur, Ellis, Ellsworth, Gove, Graham, Jewell, Lincoln, Logan, Mitchell, Norton, Osborne, Ottawa, Phillips, Rawlins, Republic, Rooks, Russell, Saline, Sheridan, Sherman, Smith, Thomas, Trego, Wallace

  1. Full-time high school seniors who will graduate in the current academic year from an accredited high school, registered independent, private or home school in the 26-county area of Northwest Kansas listed above may be eligible for the Hansen Leaders of Tomorrow, Hansen Scholar, Hansen Student and Hansen Career and Technical Education Scholarships.
  2. Students who are going to attend an out-of-state school should not apply.
  3. Students interested in the Hansen Leaders of Tomorrow, Hansen Scholar or Hansen Student Scholarships must register with their school counselor or principal before taking the qualifying test. No formal application is required.
  4. To take the Hansen Academic Scholarship Test, a student must have taken the ACT test and have a composite score of 23 or higher (superscores not accepted) and have at least a 3.50 GPA (unweighted). The student should be an active participant in extracurricular school and community activities, and display good citizenship, leadership and moral integrity. Information regarding the time and place of the Hansen Scholarship Test will be provided by the Hansen Foundation to the school and to the media.

Your High School Principal or Counselor will be responsible for submitting a list of students who plan to take the qualifying test to the Hansen Foundation Office (Box 187, Logan, Kansas 67646) prior to September 8, 2023. Counselors should carefully check their packet of materials and poster for the exact time, date and place of the test and notify students. 

On the day of testing, it will be the student’s responsibility to submit the following:

  • Official copy of transcript with GPA and rank in class circled.
  • Proof of current ACT score of 23 or better.
  • Resume listing:
    1. High school classes in which he/she is currently enrolled.
    2. College classes for which credit has already been earned, as well as classes that will be completed by June 3, 2024.
    3. Work experience, extracurricular and community activities.

*Students selected for interviews will receive a letter instructing them to have three reference questionnaires submitted on their behalf. The reference questionnaire form can be found on the website. It is the student’s responsibility to see that the reference questionnaires are submitted promptly to the Hansen Foundation. Applicants without three references will not be considered for scholarships.

Scholarship payment will be made to the college or university chosen by the honorees. Funds will be drawn as stipulated by the administering agency, but only for the use of the honorees who shall be entitled to draw the full amount of the scholarships for educational purposes. Payments will be made to the school as soon as certification of full-time enrollment is received by the Hansen Foundation.

Scholarships may be partially or fully taxable. For degree candidates the part of the scholarship used for books, fees, tuition and other direct expense is tax free. The remainder, including the portion used for room and board, is taxable. It will be the recipient’s responsibility to keep records of the amounts received and the amounts paid for direct expenses. In addition, it will be the recipient’s responsibility to file income tax returns, if required.

Letters of acceptance of scholarships must be received by the Foundation by June 5, 2023. If not received by that date, the scholarship will be withdrawn.

Recipients of the Dane G. Hansen scholarships are expected to enroll as full-time students in appropriate institutions of higher learning without delay and in the fall term of the awarding year. Deferrals are rarely given and only under unusual circumstances. In such a case, the Hansen Foundation must be notified and a written request for postponement must be submitted for consideration by the Scholarship Committee. Failure to enroll in a qualified college or university by no later than the fall term of the next year will result in cancellation of any grant made under the Hansen Scholarship Program.

The Foundation Scholarship Plan has been approved as required by law in broader and more complete form than set out in this brochure. The Foundation reserves the right, in its discretion, to interpret and to deviate from the plan as stated here, but only if such interpretation or deviation is permitted by the approved plan.