Northwest Kansas Economic Innovation Center, Inc.

The Northwest Kansas Economic Innovation Center, Inc., or NWKEICI, is a non-profit organization established to benefit Northwest Kansas. Although NKEICI is a separate entity from the Dane G. Hansen Foundation, the Foundation provided funding for the start-up of this new entity and believes that the NKEICI will work in concert with the Foundation ‘s mission to provide opportunities for the people of Northwest Kansas to enjoy the highest possible quality of life.

NWKEICI is led by President & CEO, Scott Sproul. Scott is a Norton, KS native and runs a farming and ranching operation there with his family. He attended Colby Community College and Fort Hays State University. Before joining NWKEICI, he was the economic development director for the city and county of Norton.

Scott can be reached at, or 785-874-5150.

Geographic Service Area

Northwest Kansas Economic Innovation Center, Inc. serves the northwest Kansas region.

Our Mission

Our mission is to reverse the population decline, increase economic opportunities, and strengthen community services in Northwest Kansas.

Our work

NWKEICI is interested in attracting entrepreneurs, assisting with succession planning, and adding to the quality of life in Northwest Kansas. The organization will work with communities to create a holistic approach to economic health, empowering communities to grow and prosper.

Visit or contact NWKEICI at, or 785-874-5150.