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Our Zoo to You programs includes hands-on bio-facts and three live animal presentations presented by a qualified instructor and animal handler. During our programs students will develop an appreciation of the natural world by connecting them to animals that will both inspire and ignite their sense of compassion and love for wildlife. Our programs not only expose students to exotic species, but educate them on many native species that live right here in Kansas.

In addition, students will gain a worldlier perspective by learning about animals from distant countries. They will discover how to draw connections between animals of different species, including humans, allowing them to see the many threads that connect us all. Each program meets several Kansas Science Standards.

Offered ON-SITE October 4, 2021 to March 30, 2022.


Students will learn how animals use their physiological adaptations in the wild and how these adaptations help them thrive in their environments. They will also develop a better understanding and deeper appreciation for the region in which they live and the habitat around them.


This program will take students on a tour of three, of the many, biomes found around the world. During this program students will explore how certain animals interact with their specific environment (otherwise known as biomes). Whether it is the tigers of Asia, camels in the desert, wolves of the taiga/tundra, or bison on the prairie, we will dive into the different climates and terrain in which they live.


All life needs energy!  During this program we will Illustrate the trophic levels of the animal food chain (i.e. a mouse eats grass, a snake eats the mouse and then an owl eats the snake), where different animals fit in as producers, primary consumers, secondary consumers or apex predators, and how energy is transferred from animal to animal.

SAVING OUR WORLD (K- 5 and 6-12)

This program is in development and will be available for the fall 2021 semester.  The primary objective of this program will be to answer the question, “What is conservation?”  Nature conservation is focused on protecting species from extinction, maintaining and restoring habitats, enhancing ecosystems and protecting biological diversity.  This program will be adjusted per the audience’s grade levels.   

NOTE: These on-site programs can be conducted with multiple schools or multiple grade levels, up to 75 students at a time. As many as four programs can be conducted in a day. These on-site zoo programs are available to schools north and west of Saline County.  Saline County schools are included upon scheduling availability.

SCHEDULING: For more information or to schedule a program, contact Theresa Cannefax, RHZ Education Coordinator at 785-827-9488 ext. 132 or