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Our Zoo to You programs are created to engage students from K-8th grade with hands-on interactive activities, animal ambassadors (when applicable) and bio-facts as they dive into the chosen curriculum.  Designed to be a catalyst for conservation efforts, our programs will  empower students to make positive change in the natural world as they go about their everyday life.  As programs are scheduled, RHZ staff will collaborate with each school’s teachers to adapt the program to their educational standards and needs.

Each program  is designed to introduce students to interesting species, which in turn connects them to the nature world around them. In the process they will develop a deeper appreciation for wildlife, igniting a passion to explore and save our natural world.

Offered ON-SITE October 3, 2021 to March 30, 2023.


Students will learn about different species and the methods used to carry and raise their offspring.  These unique parenting styles will surprise all ages as they explore each species’ individualized techniques of rearing their young.  Students will also gain a deeper appreciation for the animals and plants that are native to the habitat where the species are being raised.


Students will enjoy a  tailored lesson on a bug’s life, showcasing various bug species and their “jobs” in the environment – from pollinating to breaking down matter.  This captivating lesson will also talk about what bugs eat and what eats them.  As students learn about bugs, they will broaden their perspective on a bug’s important role in natural world.


Students will get a look into the ecosystem of their choice, depending on curriculum and educational standards.  One of the programs offered is focused on Kansas habitats and the species that live there.  Students will gain a deeper appreciation and understanding for each habitat’s flora and fauna, and the important role they play in life on the prairie.


This exciting new program will have students developing a better understanding of the mysteries that surround birds.  This informative lesson will include what a bird’s role is in its niche, its anatomical features, migration patterns and how to engage in conservation efforts that affect bird populations.



NOTE:  These on-site programs can be conducted with multiple schools or multiple grade levels, but are recommended for classes with no more than 30 students at a time, as each experience will be more positive and impactful with a smaller class size. As many as four programs can be conducted in a day.  These on-site zoo programs are available to schools north and west of Saline County.  Saline County schools are included upon scheduling availability.

SCHEDULING:  For more information or to schedule a program, contact Teagan Miller, RHZ Education Curator at 785-827-9488 ext. 132, or