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STORM brings students interested in rural medicine to area

A program that helps ensure that quality medical care continues to be available in rural parts of the state placed 34 medical students with 41 rural physicians during the summer.

The Summer Training Option of Rural Medicine, or STORM, started in 1992 and has a 30-year track record of success.

Thirty practice sites participated, with some sites hosting more than one student.

Through the many University of Kansas Medical Center Rural programs, repeated exposure to rural life and rural practice, and continued mentorship/preceptorship with rural physicians, the program has had more than 800 participants. Many of the students that participate in STORM stay in Kansas after residency to practice in rural locations. Some students return to the town they completed the STORM program.

Many students come from rural hometowns, but there are some students in the program who have not experienced rural life. Some of them have decided to pursue a career in rural medicine.

STORM allows students to gain exposure to clinical medicine earlier than most students. As part of the program, students also participate in a larger School of Medicine-based research program.

Funds from a Hansen Foundation grant were used to cover a portion of the cost of student stipends.